Friday marked the end of the pupils of Brannock High Schools ‘Introduction to Roofing’ course, and what a journey it’s been.

While getting involved with schools and giving back to the community have always been a goal for us at DMG Services Group, I completely underestimated the impact it would have. Not just to the group of pupils who attended, but ourselves too, and the teachers who helped get them here. Pride was bursting in all directions.

The growth in this group of young learners in 8 weeks is astounding. They have gone from knowing nothing about roofing, to working out gauges, securing tile battens, cutting to size, tile placements and adding dry verge. Their knowledge of roofing materials and their individual purpose as well as their knowledge of Health and Safety in a construction environment has increased tremendously.

It was overwhelming to read some of the positive feedback, from both the pupils and parents alike…

‘The course helped me focus in school because I look forward to going on a Friday’

‘My son looked forward to going every week and when he came home he’d talk positively about it in detail. Something he never does when coming home from school’

‘Makes me concentrate more and makes me more confident’

‘Gave me more motivation to get my National Qualifications’

‘I have been in trouble much less after the roofing course’

The academic route doesn’t suit everyone. The stats also showed that attendance has gone up while behavioural issues and referrals have gone down.

16 hours! That’s all that these pupils had in our Academy and the results are astounding! 16 hours! If this is what can be achieved by 14,15 and 16 year olds in 16 hours, I’m excited about what they can do in 16 days, 16 months or 16 years